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Green Pepper Solutions envisions a sustainable food system, clean water, and thriving local ag production driven by the needs and desires of “locals” through civil legal action and policy tools intended to ensure environmentally safe communities.

At Green Pepper Solutions, we are with you from soup to nuts


Green Pepper Solutions fills the critical space between advocacy and implementation through direct representation, by writing legislation, and furthering relationships with lawmakers which provides the best opportunity for long standing social change with the force of law.

we are with you from soup to nuts


A couple of years ago, I started a CBD business. I quickly learned just how difficult it was to navigate Louisiana’s confusing ,and ever-changing, hemp laws. Pepper has been an indispensable key to my small business’s success. From regulatory requirements, law changes, and general small business recommendations, Pepper has made my life so much easier through this journey. Thank you so much for always being there!

Bill J.,New Orleans, LA

GREEN PEPPER SOLUTIONS is the place to go. Ms .Shawn " Pepper " Roussel, is the one … She serves all persons with honesty and respect, and you WILL know that she is fighting the fight for you.

Diedra E.,Shreveport, LA
Flood Proof Project

The purpose of the Project is to increase access to civil legal help for low-income disaster victims to resolve heir property problems and home ownership disputes in the wake of Louisiana’s catastrophic flooding in August 2016.

During the 18-month project, attorneys receive a $10,000 stipend, free access to case management software and legal research programs, training, mentorship, and court shadowing opportunities.

The Flood Proof Fellowship is an access to justice (ATJ) initiative between the Louisiana State Bar Association (LSBA), Southeast Louisiana Legal Services (SLLS), and Southern University Law Center (SULC). The program was created in direct response to 2016 Baton Rouge flooding where thousands of residents could not qualify for disaster assistance since they did not have clear title to their inherited homes because succession had never been opened.

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