State and Federal Marijuana Policies: Addressing Racial Bias and Social Equity Reform


The past prohibition of cannabis has disproportionately and adversely impacted people of color, particularly Black and Latinx populations, in several ways. This panel will first discuss how inequality in all areas of healthcare significantly impacts the ability of those in underrepresented racial groups to access relief through medical cannabis, and what sorts of regulatory reform may address this issue. Speakers will then delve into how states and cities have implemented social equity programs to ensure that people of all races, as well as those with marijuana offenses prior to legalization, be afforded an opportunity to participate meaningfully in this burgeoning industry.



  • John Hudak, Deputy Director, Center for Effective Public Management, The Brookings Institution
  • Danielle K. Perry, Cannabis Regulation Oversight Officer, State of Illinois
  • Shawn “Pepper” Roussel, Attorney at Law, Green Pepper Solutions
  • Alyssa Samuel, Attorney, Husch Blackwell LLP


Download the article here: Social [In]inequity and Cannabis