Potential Structures to Create Social Equity in the Cannabis Industry

Description Some have estimated the US cannabis market will reach $44 billion in legal sales by 2025. However, this economic ...
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The Carrot Is the Stick: Food as a Weapon of Systemic Oppression for Black Consumers and the Disenfranchisement of Black Farmers

Disparities are commonly incorporated into the laws and policies of the U.S., making it near impossible for Blacks to achieve ...
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State and Federal Marijuana Policies: Addressing Racial Bias and Social Equity Reform

Description The past prohibition of cannabis has disproportionately and adversely impacted people of color, particularly Black and Latinx populations, in ...
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Holidays, if you are lucky, are when feasting on stuffed mirlitons is expected. Shrimp or crawfish cooked with The Trinity ...
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Food Lawyer

Tip of the Tongue Episode 34

Food touches everything, even the law.  Liz speaks to Pepper Roussel, food justice advocate and food lawyer about some of ...
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With liberty and French tips for all

A few years ago, my former professor and superb enviro Rob Verchick was gracious enough to deliver a continuing legal ...
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The Law of The Jungle

I’ve been thinking about the word “jungle” lately. No – not the cartoon nor the live action depictions of dense ...
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Sweet traditions

One evening I was having drinks just outside of a bar, when a middle-aged man selling pralines rolled up on ...
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Small boxes, big consequences

Not that anyone remembers, but Wal-Mart[1] didn’t start selling groceries until 1988. It was a shrewd move for the Waltons ...
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Reproductive Justice

GreenPepper - CLE - Reproductive Rights ...
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Soul Food Scholar Adrian Miller pt. 3

In this part 3 of the 3 part interview, Adrian Miller talks the origins of professional cooking in the US, ...
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Soul Food Scholar Adrian Miller Pt. 2

In this part 2 of the GreenPepper interview with Adrian Miller, he continues to drop knowledge like hot buscuits. Listen ...
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Soul Food Scholar Adrian Miller Pt. 1

This week on GreenPepper the podcast, Soul Food Scholar and James Beard Award winner Adrian Miller joins us via Skype ...
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Rep. Rick Hansen (DFL) 52A Minnesota pt. 3

In this part 3 of 3, Representative Rick Hansen from the Minnesota House of Representatives talks with Pepper Roussel at ...
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