Introducing “The Ristra”

“The Ristra”

A ristra is a string of peppers threaded together. Green Pepper is threading together a community of cannabis thought leaders and industry advocates across the US to share policy strategies, maximize opportunities to expand legislation, and optimize the probabilities of a cohesive and collective series of state legislation that support responsible and equitable cannabis laws.

Green Pepper Consulting’s services are:


As a speaker, I use humor to make law and it’s application accessible for all by integrating story-telling with policy. I encourage the audience to consider the question “why” by incorporating every day life experiences into larger systems’ reviews. I present the paths that food travels from farm to fork in an engaging and thought provoking way that ties seemingly unrelated aspects of society.


As a consultant, I advise businesses on legal structures, business organizations, contracts and general operations. I work with entrepreneurs to develop standard operating procedures that help them build their company’s brand and value while establishing effective and efficient systems.

Lobbying for policy change

Agricultural land use assessments

Writing legislation and opinion pieces