My Background


Board Member

Pepper is not just a small business owner. She is an active community member and global citizen who understands we have to participate in creating the world we want to see. She currently serves as President of the New Orleans FPAC Board of Directors; Secretary for the Living School Board of Directors; and an Advisor to Imagine Water Works.

Project Manager

Prior to becoming an attorney, Pepper worked in every phase of software development, last as a project manager for multi-million dollar patient care projects for a New Orleans healthcare system.

Founding Director

Pepper is the Founding Director of Culinaria Center for Food Law, Policy, and Culture. Culinaria is a policy institute currently repositioning itself as a Giving Circle 501(c)(4) non-profit in order to provide direct advocacy assistance to individuals and 501(c)(3) non-profits. Culinaria remains focused on supporting, developing, and promoting substantive strategies to foster a food system beneficial to producers, consumers, and the environment.

Food Lawyer

Pepper’s practice is Food Law, but includes business organizations, environmental, cannabis, and bankruptcy. Her consulting is in agriculture and land use. Pepper is admitted to all State of Louisiana courts, all Louisiana bankruptcy districts, Chitimacha court, and Tax court. She likes to say that “Green Pepper Solutions is with you from soup to nuts”.

A Pinch of Pepper

My Motivations & Values

Food is a building block of life. Unfortunately, people spend more time choosing their wireless plan than they do considering the origins of their food source and the impacts those choices have on the environment, growers, and the sources themselves. I am driven by the pervasive need for common-sense solutions to global problems. And I believe that together we can make a difference with every meal.

Why I changed career from IT to Legal?

I needed to make the time I spend away from home worthwhile to my children and myself. Unhappy with the imprint I was leaving on this world, I looked around and found that the things I am most passionate about are food and beverages. So the career shift was to marry what I love with what I could do to make the world a better more livable place for all its inhabitants.