Food Law

Business Establishment & Closure |  Permits & Filings | Land Use & Restriction

Practice Area

Food law can be many things. For Green Pepper Legal, practicing food law is about ensuring those who need help can get it. Whether you are in the business of food production, distribution, or consumption, Green Pepper legal is in the business of supporting you.

Business Establishment & Closure

Limited Liability Corporations (LLC) – Green Pepper Legal works with businesses to facilitate their startup or dissolutions, draft contracts, and facilitate negotiations.

Non-Profits – Much of environmental and food law challenges are all about the rules. Whether they be set by the State Department of Health or Wildlife and Fisheries or Environmental Quality, fighting back means using Administrative Court. Green Pepper Legal is committed to vehemently representing your interests in and out of court.

Corporations – The air we breathe, water we drink, and ground we walk on should be safe. Whether inside or outside of your home is compromising your health, Green Pepper Legal is ready to work for you.

Permit & Filings

Converting food hustles into legitimate businesses can be a difficult and sometimes unwieldy process. Between city, state, and health department regulations, it is hard to know what to do and what information is correct. Green Pepper Legal works with food businesses to get the best result possible.

Land Use & Restrictions

Where your business exists is as important as the business itself. Zoning ordinances can at times be difficult to understand and even worse to maneuver. Green Pepper Legal is happy to work with you to ensure your business is in a commercially zoned area of town. And if it isn’t, we will gladly work with you to apply to have the zoning changed.